High-temperature Liquid Ceramic Insulation «Lic Ceramic – HTC650», Северодонецк

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Heat-resistant corrosion-resistant coating "Lic Ceramic - HTC650" is intended for isolation and anticorrosive protection of the metal equipment
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Heat-resistant corrosion-resistant coating "Lic Ceramic - HTC650" is intended for isolation and anticorrosive protection of the metal equipment working in the conditions of increased humidity and temperature, oil-, gaz-, steam lines with superheated steam, furnaces for saunas, baths, chimneys. Also corrosion-resistant coating is applied to isolation of exhaust systems of cars, details of engines and other metal surfaces which are exposed in the course of installation and operation to impact of temperatures from -60 °C to +650 °C and aggressive factors: solutions of salts, oil products, mineral oils. Heat-resistant paint can be put in an electrostatic field and at subzero temperatures. Anticorrosive heat-resistant paint can be applied to coloring of concrete, steel concrete, brick, asbestos-cement surfaces for the purpose of giving of protective properties to them from high temperatures, water, an atmospheric precipitation, hostile environment, with preserving good vapor permeability. It is recommended for application as fire-proof protective finishing of walls and ceilings on evacuation ways in the following rooms: lift halls, staircases, a lobby, general corridors, halls and the foyer of buildings, except for high rise buildings. It is applied as a heat-resistant covering to furnaces.

Color: silvery, black, white, gray, yellow, green, blue, red, brown, red-brown, blue, beige, sea wave, salad, orange, graphite

Conditional viscosity at a temperature (20±2) °C on the VZ-246 viscometer (or VZ-4) with a diameter of nozzle of 4,0 mm, at least 25 sec.

Time of drying of enamel to degree 3, no more at a temperature:

(20±2) °C 2,0 hours

(150±2) °C 0,5 hours

Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances, for enamel:

- silvery 45%±3

- other coloring 50%±5

Adhesion of a film of the enamel, no more than 1 point

The thermal stability of a film of enamel, h, is at least:

- silvery at a temperature (650±5) °C of 5 hours

- black, graphite at a temperature (600±5) °C of 5 hours

- become blue at a temperature (550±5) °C of 5 hours

- red-brown, brown, green, yellow at a temperature (500±5) °C of 5 hours

- other coloring at a temperature (400±5) °C of 5 hours

Firmness of a film of enamel at a temperature (20±2) °C is, at least, to static impact:

- waters of 100 hours

- gasoline 72 hours

- mineral oil 72 hours

Resistance of a film of enamel to a salt fog, is at least 100 hours

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